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Amazon Prime Day 2017: The best tech, electronics, PC, and mobile deals

Update (July 11 at 2:00am Pacific): We’ve added new Cell Phone Accessories updates to our picks for best Prime Day deals. We may add new deals later in the morning if we find any others that are worthwhile.

Amazon Prime Day is an official yearly event now—and Amazon’s pushing harder than ever for its summer sale to rival the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For 2017, the retailer has promised more deals, better discounts, and higher inventories.

Amazon seems to be focusing solely on brand-new items this year: no more old, open-box items that suggest more of a warehouse clearing than a major sale. Still, for we tech enthusiasts, the pickings aren’t as bountiful as we might have hoped.

Note: In order to participate in Amazon Prime Day, you must be an Amazon Prime member. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of these sales prices, and then cancel before you’re charged for the $99 yearly membership fee.

Amazon Prime Day 2017: The best deals

We’ve listed the most notable all-day deals below, sorted by their Amazon categories. Our picks focus on smart-home and entertainment gadgets, as well as gear of interest to Windows and Android users. Unfortunately, Amazon still doesn’t seem interested in discounting Apple-oriented gear and accessories. Do note that all-day deals can run out of stock before Prime Day is over.

As for Lightning Deals, the company has increased the number of those short, timed sales. Because they vary in duration and can end with an abrupt halt if their allotted inventory runs out, we won’t list the best of those here. We do have some tips in our explanation of Amazon Prime Day to help you make the most of Lightning Deals, though.

Note: Since we’ll actually be doing some price-verification as the deals go live, we’ll be rolling out our top picks in short waves at 6 p.m Pacific on Monday and again at midnight on Tuesday. 

If you’re in the UK, visit our sister site TechAdvisor for the best UK Prime Day deals.

Amazon Devices 

  • $0.99 – Amazon Dash (assorted, comes with $4.99 credit after first purchase)

Three of Amazon’s house products are far and away the best deals you’ll find during this year’s Prime Day. The EchoEcho Dot, and Tap are the cheapest we’ve ever seen them. The Echo and Tap undercut their lowest prices ever by $10, while the Echo Dot is $5 less than its last low.

You can also find some deals on Fire tablets, Kindles, and Kindle Bundles. Discounts are available for all Kindle models, but we’ve selected only the ones with good prices. Some even match their last lowest prices, like the base model Kindle and the Kindle for Kids bundle.

Cell Phones Accessories

Cell Phones


For Prime Day, Amazon’s best cell phone deal is its discount on its ad-supported version of the fifth-generation Moto G Plus. Normally, the stock version of this unlocked phone goes for $300—so this is a fairly steep discount if you can tolerate Amazon’s skin of our favorite budget phone. Amazon apps come pre-installed, and Amazon ads will show on the lockscreen. However, you can pay an extra $45 to get rid of that bloat, which still leaves you with a very good (though not incredible) price for the standard version of the phone.

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