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Amazon is reportedly punishment feign AMD Ryzen processors

RETAIL GIANT Amazon is reportedly being swindled by scammers, that has lead to it punishment feign AMD Ryzen CPUs. 

This isn’t a initial time such a fraud has happened, though PC Gamer reports that there have been several incidents recently where business have systematic a Ryzen 7 1700 CPU on Amazon and have perceived a tarted-up Intel Celeron chip instead.

Pissed off punters have taken to Reddit to blubber about this, with users ‘sh00ter999’, and ‘Yae_Ko’ having depressed plant to a apparent scam.

At initial glance, it appears that a patron has perceived a AMD chip they ordered, though on closer inspection, it becomes pure that a Ryzen branding is zero some-more than a pure sticker. 

The chips, that apparently have shipped in shonky packaging, also have a land grid array (LGA) pattern rather than a pin grid array (PGA) pattern a stream Ryzen chips indeed sport, and come bundled with a wrong heatsink.

It’s misleading accurately what is happening, though reports explain that Amazon is offered products that have been returned, with a strange customer switching out a processor for an aged Intel Celeron chip before returning it. Provided a weight and coming were tighten adequate to a genuine thing to dope Amazon, a scammer is bagging themselves a giveaway Ryzen CPU. 

“This is a downside to Amazon’s co-mingled register model,” one Reddit user speculates. “It’s super-efficient so prolonged as all a players are honest. But it’s easy for a prejudiced tradesman to hide tawdry products into a pile.”

Amazon has nonetheless to criticism though is reportedly charity those influenced a full reinstate and a present label to make adult for a ballsup. 



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