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Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Chromecast vs. Roku Streaming Stick

Update: Amazon Prime Day is entrance adult fast! When it hits, we should be means to find good deals on all Amazon inclination – including a Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Having a tough time reckoning out that streaming device is right for you? We don’t censure you. It seems like each year there are another integrate of inclination opposed for a mark on your party shelf, connected to that vast heated TV. 

That said, there are a handful of absolute (and ultra-cheap) pint-sized streaming inclination out there that can broach calm from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more, all though holding adult critical space on a mantel. 

We call them streaming sticks. 

They aren’t anything new by now – a Chromecast Ultra is a third era of Chromecast, while this year’s Roku Streaming Stick and a all-new Amazon Fire TV Stick are both second-gen inclination – though they are super helpful.

Which one is a best? We put them head-to-head to find out.


Interestingly enough, a lot has altered between streaming inclination over a past dual years or so in a pattern department. Instead of elementary USB-looking sticks that simply container into a HDMI pier on your TV, we have a few opposite shapes to demeanour at.

Chromecast: After carrying started out as a USB-drive sized stick, a Chromecast now looks many some-more like a hockey puck. The round device has an HDMI wire extending out from it, and instead of projecting loyal out of a HDMI port, a device kinda usually hangs from a wire subsequent to your TV. 

It’s a grand small design, and one Google doesn’t devise on upending with a Chromecast Ultra. The usually genuine change is that instead of a vast ol’ Chrome trademark on a front, there’s a elementary and small Google logo, that is appearing on all of Google’s hardware. Size-wise, a device is 2.29 inches (58.20mm) across, and a flattering small 0.53-inches (13.70mm) thick. The one bit of bad news? None of a Chromecast inclination come with a remote.

The Chromecast Ultra’s block is versed with an Ethernet pier to assistance it understanding with a volume of bandwidth compulsory for streaming 4K content. 

Roku Streaming Stick: Roku, on a other hand, has stranded with a USB expostulate look, nonetheless it’s many incomparable than many USB drives, entrance in during 5.5-inches (139.7mm) long, 1.6-inches (40.7mm) wide, and 0.8-inches (20.32mm) thick. Unlike a Chromecast, however, a Roku Streaming Stick comes with a remote, that looks flattering simple, and has a d-pad, play/pause, and a few buttons for quick accessing certain streaming services, like Netflix and Sling TV. We’ll speak a small some-more about a functionality of that remote after on.

Amazon Fire TV: Last though not slightest is a Amazon Fire TV Stick, that is a identical distance to a Streaming Stick, entrance in during 1.5 x 5.9 x 0.7-inches (38.4 x 150.7 x 16.7mm). The Fire TV Stick also has a remote, however it has utterly a few reduction buttons and looks a lot sleeker than a Streaming Stick’s remote.


But wait, given accurately do we wish a remote anyways? Let’s spend a notation on what those remotes can do. 

Chromecast: First, let’s speak about a Chromecast – which, as mentioned, doesn’t have a remote, though that’s given it doesn’t need one. Unlike a other two, Chromecast uses your smartphone or mechanism to tide content, and as such your phone or mechanism is a remote. It’s kind of a cold concept, and while it cuts down on functionality, it creates a whole routine alot easier. 

However, given your phone is behaving as a remote over your home network, this does meant that there is mostly a bit of a loiter between we dire a symbol and it  actually holding place. It’s not a understanding breaker, though it creates a device feel a lot reduction poignant than a Amazon Fire TV hang for example. 

Roku and Amazon both have opposite ideas. If you’re someone who prefers regulating a remote, afterwards a Streaming Stick or Fire TV Stick competence be a improved option.

As mentioned above, a Amazon Fire TV Stick’s remote is utterly a bit easier than a Streaming Stick’s, however a Streaming Stick offers a few some-more discerning entrance buttons – for example, it has a symbol for Netflix, Sling TV, Amazon, and Google Play.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick’s remote opts for a easier symbol selection, usually charity playback controls, a navigation controller, a voice button, and user interface controls (home, back, menu). However, a further of voice controls can, during times, make adult for this morality by permitting we to quick control a device with a press of a singular button, nonetheless it usually works with a singular series of a device’s apps. 

If you’re peaceful to bombard out an additional $50, we can get a dedicated gaming controller for a Fire TV Stick, that competence be a small some-more gentle if we intend to play a lot of games on your device.

It’s also critical to note that we can control any of these inclination by your smartphone around a dedicated app if we so choose.


Roku Streaming Stick: The Roku Streaming Stick is famous for a app preference – with entrance to a some-more than a vast 1,000 apps, or channels as Roku calls them, we shouldn’t ever find yourself wishing we had entrance to some-more content. 

In a UK Roku covers many of a streaming services we could presumably need. It’s got Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, catch-up apps from roughly all of a vital broadcasters (aside from UKTV), and a vast volume of additional apps besides. 

Chromecast: Still, there is something to be pronounced for a Chromecast’s proceed – if we use Google Chrome on your computer, we can tide calm from literally any website. That’s given we can counterpart a Chrome tab, so even if a use you’re streaming with doesn’t strictly have support for Google Casting, you’ll still be means to suffer that service’s calm on a vast screen. The same goes for mirroring a arrangement of an Android phone. 

However, it’s many neater to expel directly from upheld apps. Most vital apps now have inbuilt Chromecast functionality, though there’s one vast omission, and that’s Amazon Prime Instant video, that you’ll have to expel from a browser to watch. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick: Of course, if you’re adhering to vital services like Netflix and Hulu, we won’t have any issues – all 3 of these inclination offer copiousness of support for a vast streaming players. If, however, you’re some-more into border services like VUDU or a UK’s Now TV we competence cite a Roku Streaming Stick.

While it’s good that so many services are starting to support Google Cast and a Fire TV Stick, a genuine leader in a apps dialect is a Roku Streaming Stick.


Chromecast: Let’s get a Chromecast out of a approach first: Because of how it works, a Chromecast doesn’t have an interface over a smartphone app and a small symbol that lives in Google Chrome. If you’re a form of chairman that doesn’t wish to disaster around with a disorderly UI, afterwards a Chromecast is for you.

Since for a many partial you’ll be regulating your phone to control it, this means that we can simply submit calm regulating your phone’s keyboard, rather than clumsily navigating an on-screen keyboard with a remote. 

Roku Streaming Stick: That said, if you’re opposite disorderly interfaces, afterwards a Roku Streaming Stick is a tighten second –  the device offers an intensely easy to use UI. The grid blueprint is suggestive of Netflix, charity a grid demeanour with a list of menu equipment along a left palm side. It’s unequivocally a unequivocally elementary and purify look.

The one downside of a Roku is that it doesn’t have any voice hunt functionality, that would mislay a need to use an on-screen keyboard entirely. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick: Unfortunately, while Amazon has been removing improved during enlightening a interface of a TV offerings, it’s not there usually yet. The interface, while rapid to get around, can get a small treacherous during times, putting a Fire TV Stick in third place when it comes to a UI.

Frustratingly, while voice hunt is a fantastically quick approach of anticipating content, like a concept hunt it usually covers a fragment of a sum series of apps accessible for a device. 


If you’re a gamer, you’ll substantially wish to drive transparent of a streaming hang to prove your gaming needs, though that doesn’t meant that infrequent gamers can’t suffer a diversion each now and afterwards in between watch seasons of Game of Thrones

As mentioned before, however, if we are looking to get into some rather some-more heated gaming, a Fire TV Stick competence be a best choice for you, interjection to a fact that we can get a diversion controller privately for a Fire TV Stick. No, it’s not going to offer an knowledge anything like what you’ll knowledge with a PlayStation 4, though there are copiousness of good games available.

Neither a Roku Streaming Stick nor a Chromecast unequivocally have anything to offer in a games department. If gaming is your thing and we wish to do it on your streaming stick, afterwards a Fire TV Stick is unequivocally your usually option.


Chromecast: When it comes to tough specs, a Google Chromecast looks to be a genuine winner, notwithstanding a fact that we don’t even know what some of a device’s specs are. That’s given a device, in a end, is going to offer we a best experience. It supports 4K calm and HDR, that means that if we have a TV that also supports them afterwards you’re going to have a good observation experience. Of course, 4K calm isn’t low-bandwidth, so to recompense for a fact that some people won’t be means to tide 4K content. The Chromecast Ultra also has support for an Ethernet port, so we can block a device loyal into your internet router.

Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire TV Stick: The second place mark unequivocally is a toss-up between a Streaming Stick and a Amazon Fire TV Stick – while a Streaming Stick has a small some-more RAM, a Fire TV Stick offers voice control, that is an critical thing to keep in mind. In a end, we consider a voice control support puts a Fire TV hang a small over a corner — while RAM is rather important, if a device is able of streaming what we need and when we need it, it unequivocally doesn’t matter how many RAM it has. 

In box it wasn’t already clear, all 3 of these inclination will need a HDMI port.

If we don’t possess a 4K TV and don’t intend on shopping one anytime soon, maybe a personification margin is a small some-more turn – though when it comes to tough specs, a Chromecast is a transparent leader here.


Of course, specs don’t unequivocally matter all that many if a device you’re looking during is approach some-more costly than a competitors. Interestingly enough, while a Chromecast is a small pricier than a competition, it’s not overly so. The new Chromecast Ultra is $69 (£69, AU$99), that puts it a small above a Roku Streaming Stick, that runs during $49 (£49, about AU$62) and a Amazon Fire TV Stick, that will set we behind $40 (£35, AU$39).

We still consider a Chromecast is value a additional money if we have a 4K TV, though if not, a Roku Streaming Stick is value a $10 additional over a Fire TV stick, generally given a volume of calm accessible to a device. In this case, it unequivocally seems to be loyal that we get what we compensate for. 

Which one should we buy?

All 3 of these streaming sticks are flattering damn great, generally for a cost they come at. Because a Chromecast Ultra offers 4K, we consider it comes out on top, though interjection to a Roku’s hulk calm library, that’s a tighten second.

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