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Amazon Echo speakers now have a best Sonos feature: multi-room audio

If we suspicion a McGregor-v-Mayweather was going to be a best quarrel you’d see in 2017, we competence be sorely disappointed: Sonos and Amazon are scheming for an all-out fight in a connected orator space. 

The latest fusillade of blows happened this morning when Amazon combined multi-room audio support to a Alexa app, permitting we to organisation Amazon Echo inclination together – a pierce that effectively copies Sonos’ biggest strength. 

Grouping Amazon Echo inclination will not usually give we a ability to hear a same strain in a opposite room though also also control a playback of a strain from any Echo device in a house, formulating a seamless whole-home audio resolution not distinct a one Sonos already offers.

The new underline comes usually one day after a news leaked that Sonos is formulation a voice-controlled speaker of a own, identical to a Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod that, that according to new sources, will be denounced during an Oct 4 event.

A Game of Tones

OK, while I’d like to tell we that you’re about to declare a re-creation The Battle of a Bastards by dual of a many absolute tech companies in a world, it’ll substantially be a bit closer to that diversion of espionage Littlefinger and Arya play in a center of Season 7: a lot of rebellious plays to try and pull out what a other one is doing. 

To that end, both solutions have something a other one lacks. Sonos utterly apparently desires a voice control functionality that Amazon Echo has, while Amazon wants a multi-room playback functionality that Sonos had. 

At initial glance, it competence seem that a conflict is finished and over. But there’s a caveat: The multi-room song underline is usually accessible in 3 countries during a moment: a US, a UK and Germany. 

There’s also a teenager reduction that synchronized song playback on Amazon Echo now works for songs personification from Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Pandora, with support for Spotify and SiriusXM entrance soon. 

Sonos, for a record, can control playback for any of those streaming services and works in over 60 countries – but, for now, still lacks voice control.  

Which one will win a chair on a Iron Mantle of the homes? Only time will tell.

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