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Amazon, eBay and Google sensitively bin Apple Watch apps

MAJOR FIRMS including Amazon and Google have sensitively binned their Apple Watch apps amid conjecture that nobody was regulating them. 

The pierce was so quiet, in fact, that no one noticed, detached from a sagacious folks during Apple Insider. The website reports that Google Maps was yanked from watchOS “weeks ago”, while Amazon recently updated its app to embankment support for a Apple wearable. 

Other apps that have motionless to desert a Apple Watch embody eBay, groan mart TripAdvisor and US tradesman Target.

So far, Google is a usually organisation to pronounce out about a decision, and it’s arrange of good news for Apple. A orator said: “We private Apple Watch support from a latest iOS recover though design to support it again in a future.”

While Google is formulation a lapse to watchOS, Apple Insider suggests that this expected isn’t a box for Amazon and eBay and speculates that a apps were pulled because, frankly, nobody was regulating them.

This doesn’t indispensably advise that nobody is selling a Apple Watch, though some-more expected that nobody unequivocally wants to go selling for crap regulating a smartwatch. 

In fact, according to a recent-ish news from Canalys, a Apple wearable is doing utterly well. It claims that Apple sole 6 million smartwatches in Q4, imprinting expansion of 12 per cent year-on-year. This also saw a organisation hillside in $2.6bn in revenues that accounted for 80 per cent of sum takings from a smartwatch market. 

Canalys estimates that Apple sole 11.9 million watches in 2016, bagging 49 per cent of a marketplace share for a year. µ



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