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Amazon drivers will soon be able to let themselves in and leave you little presents

SO THERE’S this guy right, and he lets himself into your house and leaves you packages containing goodies and we just let him.

No. It’s not Santa, it’s Amazon Prime’s latest wheeze to make your shop even easier and yet decidedly more creepy.

Amazon Key uses compatible smart locks to allow an Amazon Logistics courier into your house to drop your packages off without all that messing around with being nice to people.

It leverages the Zigbee connection in the new Amazon Echo Plus, which can act as a home hub as well as a talking fart machine (“Alexa, play a fart” – hours of fun) along with the new Cloud Cam (below), Amazon’s first security camera and latest addition to the list of proprietary security camera systems that won’t play nicely together.


“Cloud Cam has all the features you need to monitor your home, including a 1080p Full HD camera, night vision, two-way audio, and free storage for clips-and with the secure AWS cloud powering Cloud Cam’s advanced computer algorithms and intelligent alerts, the service is always getting smarter,” said Charlie Tritschler, vice president of Amazon Devices

The system works because each Amazon driver is going to be identifiable by face, location, time and has the right smart key. And there’s no way round it. It absolutely, definitely won’t end in tears.

With the biggest smart lock players, Yale and August, now both under the Assa Abloy brand, and Google’s Nest about to release its own smart lock in association with Yale, things are about to get a bit tasty in this space. Walmart is also looking into home delivery with a “let yourself in” aspect for couriers.

Meanwhile, Amazon-Santa has let himself in, ignored the sherry, cookies, OLED TV, jewellery etc because he or she is entirely identifiable. Which is quite impressive as, at the moment Amazon Logistics drivers can’t find a house on a main road, half the time.

If this all sounds too much, don’t fret. This service, and the camera, are currently only available in 37 US cities managed by Amazon Logistics. Well, we say “managed”. µ



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