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Amazon Cloud Cam review: An affordable, entirely able confidence camera

Amazon recently done headlines again when it announced a new use called Amazon Key. The use uses Amazon’s Cloud Cam, a concordant intelligent lock, and lets Amazon smoothness drivers into your home when delivering a package.

Many people are nervous about a suspicion of a pointless smoothness chairman carrying entrance to a inside of a home, and we can’t censure them. I’m still not sole on a idea.

Skimmed over in a proclamation by many was Amazon’s Cloud Camera. It’s a certain aspirant to Nest’s camera lineup, though during a some-more affordable cost of $120 with rival monthly subscription packages.

For a past month, I’ve had a Cloud Cam monitoring those entrance and going from my home. I’ve also been tinkering with settings in a app, and even examination a live feed of a camera on a Fire TV in my office.

It looks like, well, a camera


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

There’s zero imagination or singular in a approach a Cloud Cam looks. A round white cosmetic housing is equivalent by a black front, where a camera, microphone, speaker, and 8 infrared LEDs for night prophesy are housed.

A extensive 10-foot wire is enclosed in a box, along with required ascent hardware should we confirm to henceforth mountain a Cloud Cam.

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It’s designed for indoor use, though we think we could use it outdoor so prolonged as it’s placed in an area where sleet or sleet won’t be an issue.

Mounting a camera will need a cavalcade and certainty in a chain given it requires a integrate of holes. we would have elite to have a steel image that attaches to a wall with some 3M-type element and magnets in a bottom of a Cloud Cam’s stand, usually in box it needs to be moved.

Instead, I’ve placed a camera on a list circuitously my front doorway for now.

The Cloud Cam annals in 1080p FHD during 30 frames per second and offers a 120-degree margin of view.

Alerts, streaming, and settings


Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Initial setup was a breeze. Connect a Cloud Cam to power, download a iOS or Android app and follow a few prompts. Be certain to have your Amazon comment info and Wi-Fi cue handy.

Through a Cloud Cam app, we can perspective a live stream, use a two-way audio underline to shock a babysitter or speak to your pets.

A feed usually next your camera’s live tide populates with suit showing and people showing clips. Yes, a camera can compute between a chairman (for an additional fee, some-more on that below) and a pet or even a flitting car. A toggle in a app will let we confirm if we should accept alerts for all motion, or usually when a chairman is rescued in a camera’s margin of view.

Disabling notifications doesn’t forestall a camera from still capturing a shave of a motion, that is a good touch. Options to labour how supportive a camera is to motion, as good as triggering alerts usually when you’ve left your home around a geofence are also accessible and impossibly useful. Who wants an warning any time we travel by a camera when you’re home? Not me.

Amazon recently updated a app to supplement iPad support, a choice to invalidate a infrared LEDs for night vision, change camera orientation, and polished audio controls — any of that are welcomed additions.

Alexa integration


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Perhaps my favorite underline of a Cloud Cam is a ability to bellow a authority during a circuitously Echo and a few seconds after and we have a live tide of a camera on my TV. Granted, you’ll need a Fire TV and an Alexa remote or an Echo device to make it all work.

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Cloud Cam isn’t a usually camera product that works with Alexa in this way. we can also serve my Ring cameras with a elementary voice command.

Granted, picking adult your smartphone and observation a live tide is still possible, though there’s something about carrying a consistent live tide on a TV or regulating your voice to accomplish a charge when you’re bustling that creates a Cloud Cam’s Alexa formation appealing.

Let’s speak about plans

Each Cloud Cam comes with a 30 day hearing of Amazon’s Cloud Cam. There are a sum of 4 subscription plans, trimming from giveaway to $199 a year for a Pro devise that supports adult to 10 cameras and offers 30 days of storage.

Unless you’ve versed each room in your home with a Cloud Cam, or unequivocally wish to have entrance to 30 days value of footage, a $69 per year Basic and $99 per year Extended skeleton are expected a best fit.

The Basic devise includes 7 days of storage, adult to 3 cameras, and also enables Person detection, a ability to symbol zones a camera shouldn’t guard for motion, along with a pity of clips. Extended doubles cloud storage and ups a series of cameras enclosed to five.

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The giveaway devise includes 24 hours of storage, 3 cameras, and ubiquitous suit alerts.

These skeleton are generally in line with a likes of Nest, though with a advantage of including mixed cameras. Nest Aware, for example, is $100 per year for a singular camera, with additional cameras adding another $50 per year.

Competitive and capable


Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

For someone who is not already confirmed in a Nest ecosystem of thermostats, fume detectors, and cameras, a Cloud Cam is a estimable alternative. Not usually are a cameras reduction expensive, though a subscriptions are distant some-more affordable.

The Cloud Cam captures frail 1080p video, allows for two-way communication regardless of where we are, Alexa integration, and extended suit showing creates it, during slightest for me, an easy choice.

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