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Amazfit Stratos review: GPS sports watch rivals a majors for usually $200


Image: Huami

List all of a specifications of a Amazfit Stratos and we would consider it would cost $400 to $500. At $200, we might usually be peaceful to accept a bulk, put adult with a user interface, and comprehend we might need to tumble behind to primer .GPX record uploads to perspective and repository your GPS data.

At $199.99, it’s easier to pardon some of a stream flaws in this GPS sports watch. It has plain battery life and incorporates CO fiber, ceramic, and cosmetic materials. I’ve spent a past integrate of weeks running, sleeping, and walking with it and it is a sincerely constrained product.


  • Display: 1.34 in. (34mm) 320 x 320 pixels fortitude tone LCD hold shade done with 2.5D Gorilla Glass
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM
  • Storage: 4GB for information and song storage
  • Bands: Standard 22mm rope with discerning recover pins
  • Connectivity and sensors: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, GPS, GLONASS, visual HR, barometer, compass, accelerometer
  • Battery: 290 mAh. Rated for 20 hours in GPS training mode, 5 days in unchanging smartwatch use, and 11 days with singular notifications and simple use
  • Dimensions: 47.5 mm hole x 11.7 mm and 70 grams (2.5 ounces)


The Amazfit Stratos looks good and is combined with high finish materials. It has 2.5D Gorilla Glass on a display, a ceramic bezel, immaculate steel buttons, CO fiber and cosmetic watch casing, and a silicone band. It looks good and feels good constructed.

The watch is big, even by my standards. It rivals my corpulent Garmin Fenix 3 HR in size. It is most lighter than that Fenix 3 HR due to a use of CO fiber instead of immaculate steel. That said, it is not as vast as many of a vast watches we see on group today. This is clearly a watch for people with vast wrists yet so has a specific market.

The arrangement is color, though it is not colourful like we see on an Apple Watch or Gear S3 Frontier. It is a pointed tone display, though some-more colorful than a Amazfit Bip. It is a touchscreen arrangement so we appropriate around to navigate. You also need to initial press one of a buttons to activate a arrangement for touchscreen usages.

There are 3 buttons on a left side and they offer many functions. The top symbol has a following functions:

  • Short press: Switch widgets left and corkscrew up
  • Long press: Display discerning setup interface and lapse to a prior interface
  • Press for 4 seconds: Power on a watch
  • Press for 6 seconds: Display restart and energy off interface for a watch
  • Press for 10 seconds: Power off a watch

A brief press of a center symbol displays a examination list and a prolonged press earnings to a watch face. A brief press of a reduce symbol switches widgets right and scrolls down while a prolonged press of this symbol takes we to a notifications list.

The heart rate guard is centered on a behind with 4 tie points for a horse above a heart rate sensor. The watch snaps firmly into a wharf that is afterwards powered around USB-A.

A sincerely customary 22mm silicone rope is enclosed with discerning recover pins. You have a choice to squeeze any series of 22mm bands from Amazon or other resellers in sequence to customize your experience.

Watch software

The watch is powered by a tradition program package that has a watch face with widgets and apps that we corkscrew by and setup in a smartphone app. There are 14 watch faces to name from, though we can also bucket your possess picture and emanate a tradition watch face.

There are 9 widgets and apps to name from, including weather, heart rate, music, alarm, compass, stopwatch, sleep, training, and timer. By default, these are commissioned on a watch out of a box and accessed by swiping right or left by a accessible widgets. You can customize a sequence of these widgets/apps within a smartphone application.

Press a hardware symbol to capacitate a watch. You can appropriate adult to exhibit notifications and left to right to transparent a notification. Swipe down from a watch face to perspective connectivity, battery status, date, time, weather, wordless toggle, aeroplane mode toggle, liughtness toggle, and settings menu.

Settings on a watch embody connection, time format, units, activate on raise, automobile upload, and a ton more. You can control and setup usually about all on a watch itself, though we do need a smartphone tie and a app to make a watch entirely organic and able for use.






Smartphone software

The Amazfit Watch app is accessible on iOS and Android. Over a past dual weeks we have used it with an iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S9+.

After environment adult a tie and your watch, a initial arrangement we see when we launch a smartphone app is a dashboard arrangement a standing page. This page shows your steps, sync status, heart rate, and nap status.

Tapping on any of these areas will take we to that specific information set and yield most some-more information with entrance to day, week, and month history. For example, stairs shows we a stairs over a day, distance, calories burned, and afterwards next that are activities such as light activity, quick walking, delayed walking, running, etc.

The heart rate aspect of this watch seems really limited. When we go to a heart rate territory we will see where we can trigger a heart rate reading manually and afterwards have a singular HR recorded. There is a continual heart rate option, though that appears to usually record heart rate during a workout. Thus, it does not seem that a loyal resting heart rate can be available on a Stratos and this is an critical indicator for daily health.

The nap procedure shows low and light sleep, along with arise time. It also shows we when we fell defunct and what time we woke up. My contrast reveals it is sincerely accurate, though clearly not as modernized as what we now see with a new Fitbit devices.

Adjacent to a standing add-on is a competition add-on that shows we a information that was available during your workouts. This functioned once for me, though any run after that initial run never synced over to a smartwatch app. You can bond a Stratos in a cradle to your computer’s USB pier and manually squeeze a GPX information (after we name to trade it on a watch) from a storage on a watch. This should not be required, though was a usually approach we could get to that data. There is also an choice to sync to Strava and again, this usually worked for me a initial time we recored a run.

The final add-on to a right is a form tab. Here is where we can see your VO2max and training bucket results, supposing by a partnership with Firstbeat. we was really astounded to see this information supposing on a value watch like this as a usually other watch we have seen it on is a Garmin Forerunner 645 Music.

The My Watch territory lets we enter specific settings for a sports we wish to seem on a watch, a plcae for weather, and conduct files in sequence to sync song or GPX files to your watch. A WiFi Direct tie is setup on a watch so that song send is fast. There are no song services upheld on a Amazfit Stratos so we will need to possess a song we wish to listen to.

You also conduct a apps and widgets commissioned on a watch by a form add-on in a smartphone app. Updates are also managed here.

Daily use practice and conclusion

Owned by Huami, and a disdainful provider of wearable record for Xiaomi, Amazfit is one of a largest wearable device companies globally and recently filed for an IPO on a NYSE. After being tender by a Amazfit Bip, we was vehement to see what $200 could buy we with a GPS sports watch.

The list of specifications for a Amazfit Stratos is considerable and a volume of information it captures during a totalled activity is over what we see with all though a top finish GPS-enabled devices. However, a connectivity to a smartwatch has proven unsuitable and cart any singular day. This includes a finish miss of syncing any runs after my initial to a smartphone so that we had to bond to a watch manually by USB and collect a exported GPX record to upload a information to my elite services.

The arrangement looks good in approach sunlight, though we struggled to see it most of a time indoors when in automobile mode. we pushed it adult to a top liughtness level, though even afterwards it was mostly tough to see in many lighting environments.

The Amazfit Stratos is a vast watch, tighten in stretch to my vast Fenix 3 HR, so make certain we know a stretch before shopping one.

The advertised 5 day customary watch battery life is accurate. While in GPS mode with song personification from a Stratos, we saw an normal of about 15 percent battery expenditure any 30 mins of use so about dual mins of GPS tracking and song playback for any percent battery capacity. This works out to expected 6 to 7 hours of GPS and song playback.

Unlike some other GPS spors watches with song support, a Amazfit Stratos streamed song to all headset we tested when ragged on possibly wrist flawlessly. we never knowledge any song skipping so a Stratos contingency have a sincerely clever Bluetooth complement installed.

The Stratos lacks support for a streaming song service, has no remuneration technology, provides really simple review usually notifications, does not have integrated LTE, has no approach to bond to other accessories (bike intonation or speed sensors, for example), does not have a village of users to plea any other, and has no support for third celebration apps. It has GPS and supports many common activities. It captures a ton of information and infrequently syncs to Strava.

The Amazfit Stratos is an affordable GPS sports watch ($199.99 on Amazon), though it’s not for me as we gifted too many frustrations with syncing to a smartphone. I’ll be adhering with a Garmin Forerunner 645 Music for my GPS sports watch needs.

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