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Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958)

For gamers, imagination keyboards and imagination mice go together like Doritos and Mountain Dew. Of course, there’s a lot reduction aspect area accessible to snazz adult a mouse, so a plea of formulating something truly considerable can be daunting for manufacturers. Alienware’s Elite Gaming Mouse AW958 ($89.99, ignored to $79.99 online during this letter in late Jan 2018) creates a critical try to fit a bill. However, in both cost and features, it falls in a core of a pack.

Now, scoring in a core of a throng might not be a bad thing…if we determine that removing a C in, say, English Lit category is totally fine. The AW958 is like an Animal Farm letter that rehashes all of a pivotal points from a lecture. Yes, it shows we were profitable attention, though there’s no dazzle, no resourceful snap. At initial glance, a mouse’s standout facilities are that signature Alienware pattern and that it visually pairs good alongside a Alienware AW768 keyboard. However, looks can be deceiving—and there’s most some-more to a rodent than a lovable face—so let’s dive into a facilities and customization a AW958 offers.


The AW958 has an bony design, featuring 3 LED strips towards a core of a mouse…

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Top)

As we saw with a AW768 keyboard, a motion capacitor similarity is apparent. The left and right buttons competition a silvered finish, while a rest of a rodent is matte black. Below a corkscrew circle sits a switch that can be slanted left and right for changing DPI profiles. (More on this later.)

The dual grips on a mouse’s sides are trustworthy magnetically, permitting for easy dismissal and rotate with other enclosed hold options…

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Left Grip)

The mouse’s left side can residence one or dual grips. There’s a customary grip, that facilities dual buttons (for page brazen and page back)…

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Two-Button Grip)

A six-button choice provides some-more options…

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Six-Button Grip)

The dual left grips are a same size; usually a series of buttons varies.

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Grips and Weights)

The right-side grips can be switched, as well. These are utterly similar, though offer no button-like functionality. However, one has a narrower concave profile, and a other juts out a bit some-more to yield a wider rest for your small finger. They also change a altogether change and feel of a rodent underneath your hand.

Many gamers cite mice with opposite weights, and a AW958 gives we this option. You can fine-tune a mouse’s feel by shifting a supplied 5g weights into a two slots on possibly side of a mouse’s back. 

In between a dual weights slots, you’ll find a prolonged bar/button…

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Back)

Press it to recover a mouse’s palm rest. By pulling behind possibly one or dual notches, we can extend a palm rest to improved fit your hands. We should supplement that, notwithstanding anticipating this underline crafty and useful, we had problem pulling it out. The palm rest tended to hang and need some finessing. We found this partial of a AW958 knowledge feeble implemented.

A braided wire connects to a unequivocally front of a AW958. Flip a rodent over to exhibit dual cosmetic feet backing any side of a bottom…

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Underside)

Centered between these is a visual sensor.

Fnatic mouse would mostly locate on any surface. This isn’t a problem with a AW958, and it was means to hoop sniping with ease.


For a $79.99 mid-tier mouse, a AW958 provides a peculiarity knowledge with countless customization features. Switchable sides concede we to change a figure and facilities of a mouse, and a enclosed weights let we change how complicated it is. While a lighting options offering in Alienware’s program were cool, they weren’t as critical as keyboard lighting would be. Most mice embody dual or 3 DPI profiles, so a 5 offering by Alienware are a useful addition. Plastic feet yield a well-spoken experience, serve extended by a aspect calibration (again, hang to involuntary rather than primer calibration). It is somewhat untimely that a macro editor creates we manually record macros, though it’s not a vital issue. You can even use a programmable buttons to start macro bondage set on your keyboard.

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958) (Right Side)

Unfortunately, we can find Razer and Logitech mice with identical underline sets for a same cost or even $10 less. So Alienware can’t unequivocally exaggerate about carrying higher value. However, if this rodent came finished with your Alienware system, or if Alienware’s bony pattern suits your fancy, you’ll still get a decent altogether knowledge from a AW958.

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958)

Our Verdict:
Alienware’s AW958 Elite Gaming Mouse is versatile and does a decent pursuit of delivering a peculiarity experience. However, it’s pricey and doesn’t mount out from other models, some of that cost less.


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