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Alienware 17 R4 review: Worth the weight in performance

If there’s any gaming laptop as tangible year-to-year as Razer’s Blade line, it’s substantially Alienware’s. Following a redesign a few years back, a humbly named Alienware 17 has stayed flattering many a same ever since, during slightest on a outside.

And we know what that means: Time to strike a gym if we wish to do anything with this laptop besides set it on a table and forget about it.

The build: Bigfoot

The Alienware 17 R4 (currently labelled during $2,549 on Amazon) is still so big. Just staggeringly huge. With so many following Razer’s lead and slimming down to tangible laptop distance as against to supposed “desktop replacements” proportions, we keep awaiting Alienware to do a same.

But no. Year after year, Alienware’s laptops sojourn gigantic—the improved to sunder heat, and therefore implement a full (or fuller) intensity of all those costly tools inside.

IDG / Adam Patrick Murray

I get it. Really, we do. You’re profitable for performance, we wish that performance, and Alienware’s 17-inch laptop will give it to you. (More on that later.) But it’s damn nearby unfit to transport anywhere, so don’t buy this appurtenance meditative you’ll use it like a laptop. Or put it on your path during all, really.

During this examination we had arise to take a Alienware 17 out of a country, and here a stupidity of a conditions unequivocally strike home. It didn’t even scrupulously fit in a 17-inch laptop box we use for my Blade Pro day-to-day, so we usually shoved a Alienware 17 in as best we could and prayed. And during usually over 9.5 pounds, carrying it by a airfield was a overwhelming effort. we left it in my hotel for 6 days, and it was good for some late-night gaming, yet phew. Never again.

Size aside, it’s utterly a flattering machine. Alienware’s customary chrome-and-black tone intrigue is still one of my favorites—straddling a line between adorned and professional. Alienware also has an eye for a tiny details, from a understated type-logo underneath a arrangement to a quarrel of macro keys unobtrusively decorated to a left of a keyboard.

IDG / Adam Patrick Murray

And if we adore RGB LEDs, Alienware’s a foe to kick on that front. The keyboard is usually zone-lit, that is a shame, yet there are also RGB LED light strips embedded in both sides of a laptop and in a lid, as good as underneath a trackpad. That final bit is weirdly useful—I like a backlit keyboard, so of course I’d conclude a backlit trackpad. The improved to beam your fingers with, right? Again, flashy, yet in that vaguely high-tech approach usually Alienware unequivocally attempts.

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