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Alexa can remember birthdays and other things for we now

Last week during a discussion in France, Amazon announced a new Alexa feature that creates it probable to use a intelligent partner as a repository for tiny pieces of information. That underline is starting to hurl out currently to users in a U.S. as “Remember This.”

The ability goes like this: say, “Alexa, remember Brian’s birthday is May 11,” and Alexa will respond, in kind, “Okay. we will remember that Brian’s birthday is May 11.” Then, when we need to remember Brian’s birthday (May 11), we say, “Alexa, when is Brian’s birthday,” to that Alexa will respond, “This is what we told me: Brian’s birthday is May 11.”

Not accurately a opinion of confidence, though listen, Alexa is still training here. For posterity, here are a garland of other Remember This functions Amazon suggested in an email to TechCrunch progressing today,

Alexa, remember that my niece’s T-shirt distance is a medium.

Alexa, make a note that Amy is going to China in October.

Alexa, remember that Laura’s dog’s name is Bruno.

Alexa, remember that we kept a additional blankets in a attic.

Alexa, remember Matthew’s teacher’s name is Ms. Sally.

The underline is a bit of locate adult for Amazon’s intelligent partner — Google Assistant has had a identical underline for a while now. But it’s a accessible one, nonetheless, and beats promulgation emails to yourself or essay things down on bits of paper you’ll fundamentally remove — both of my possess elite methods.

Birthdays/t-shirt sizes are one square in a large pull to make Alexa smarter and some-more review that also includes context carryover, that uses recently asked questions to surprise answers on new ones. It’s all partial of Amazon’s work to contest on context, that has been an advantage for Google’s offering. 

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