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After lifting $16M in funding, CastBox skeleton to repair podcast discovery

More people than ever are listening to podcasts, but as they shortly find out, anticipating new ones is a unwieldy routine that lacks a serendipity users take for postulated in other apps. CastBox wants to repair that by apropos “the YouTube of audio.” The podcast actor for iOS and Android, that has lifted $16 million in appropriation so far, is rising a new audio hunt underline currently that uses healthy denunciation estimate to let listeners hunt for keywords and topics opposite some-more than 50 million episodes.

Founder and arch executive officer Xiaoyu Wang wants CastBox’s in-audio hunt to make anticipating applicable sections of audio as easy as acid in text. The underline supports English, and Wang says a association wants to ideal it before expanding into other languages. CastBox’s appropriation includes a recently sealed $12.8 million Series A turn led by Qiming Venture Partners and IDG Capital, with appearance from SIG China, GSR Ventures and ZhenFund.

With a further of in-audio search, CastBox hopes to turn a dermatitis podcast actor for iOS and Android. It will start co-producing and releasing strange calm this entertain and a monetization devise includes a reward choice with additional features.

CastBox is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco, and claims that a podcast actor has been downloaded some-more than 8 million times. Though many of CastBox’s users are English speakers, Wang says she motionless to bottom a association in China given of a engineering talent there.

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Before initial CastBox in early 2016, Wang worked during Google in Japan and Dublin. She started tuning into podcasts to investigate Japanese and keep adult with a news, though had difficulty anticipating a actor that upheld opposite languages and gave personalized recommendations. Many were hardly some-more than lists of podcast RSS feeds.

“I couldn’t find an app in mixed languages, so we had to download MP3s and classify them. It was formidable and like formulating an audio black hole unless we remembered to listen to them,” she says.

To mount out from other podcast players for Android when it initial launched, CastBox pitched a app to “podcast addicts” and afterwards paid tighten courtesy to their feedback, adding new facilities fast and solution all issues within a day. As their early listeners began recommending CastBox to their friends or on their possess podcasts, CastBox’s Android app started to benefit traction. It afterwards launched a chronicle for iOS, though given Wang satisfied that it would be formidable to contest with iTunes, that many listeners already use as their default player, a startup motionless to concentration on enlightening a find features.

In further to classification podcasts by a common parameters, like an episode’s recover date, CastBox’s recommendation engine considers any user’s hunt story and their listening behavior, such as that episodes they listened to in their entirety and enjoyed adequate to share on amicable media and that ones they sealed out of quickly.

The startup will use a Series A appropriation on marketing, producing strange calm and employing engineers.

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