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Aecom IT pursuit losses: Only 50 out of 1,000 jobs being retained

“On Jan 10th, AECOM’s CIO Tom Peck hold a Town Hall assembly with a Global IT Team to announce that they’re outsourcing AECOM’s IT to IBM, per a understanding sealed on Dec 31st, 2016,” wrote a source.

“During his presentation, a visibly shaken and perplexed Tom Peck explained that of a c1,000 IT jobs during AECOM, a meagre 50 jobs, scarcely all management, will be retained. 

“Around 230 jobs will be transitioned to IBM on Feb 1st, with a probability of being hired by IBM after Jun 2017. The rest will be laid off, a US workers initial with Canada, UK, and Asia unknown, hopefully with separation pay,” a source added.

An exegetic minute (below) sent to employees who have been offering a transition to IBM, seen by Computing, confirms that IBM will take only 4 months to weigh all 230 transitioned staff, and confirm who to keep and who to let go.


It also states that should staff confirm not to accept a transition, they will abstain any separation pay, no matter how extensive their service.

A serve striking reveals a timeline of IBM’s takeover of a IT function, with collection migration, believe transition, plan completions and purpose assessments all approaching to be finished in Jun 2017.

Internal slip from Aecom detailing IBM send plans

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