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Actual business value of DevOps and Agile practices still elusive, consult suggests

For IT executives and professionals, adoption of Agile and DevOps approaches is a no-brainer — enlivening partnership on program projects during all stages helps get projects out a doorway faster, with a blessings of a business. Everybody feels improved about a deliverable.


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However, it’s not transparent how most value businesses are indeed saying out of such efforts. It’s not that DevOps and Agile are not delivering value; it’s usually different what that value is.

That’s a crux of a new survey, conducted by Forrester Research and sponsored by Blueprint Software, that finds that while Agile and DevOps are anecdotally adding value, there are few tangible measurements to behind it up. Fewer than half of respondents, 45%, indeed use business value as a metric of success for Agile and DevOps initiatives. For 50%, it’s indeed a onslaught to couple DevOps activities to business outcomes. The survey’s authors conclude “business value” as revenue, competitiveness, profitability, and new customers.

Most organizations onslaught to pierce over a standard IT-focused Agile and DevOps metrics of speed and “quality during speed.” At slightest 62% of those surveyed contend they rest on plain aged speed to establish a success of their efforts. More than half (53%) magnitude peculiarity during speed to establish success. Interestingly, usually 33% courtesy lapse on investment as applicable to Agile/DevOps success.

It’s important that a survey’s authors compound Agile (working with a business) and DevOps (development and operations teams operative in coordination) into a singular category. Both approaches call for a sincerely radical restructuring of IT workflows, boost a rates of incremental releases, and take program growth out of a relations isolation.

Providing metrics closer to what a business expects creates clarity if there is going to be full support for Agile and DevOps initiatives. The approach to grasp this is by larger communication and partnership opposite teams, as good as efforts to overcome primer processes and organizational silos.

The infancy still rest heavily on email and yield standing updates on a weekly basement or less. Only 30% contend that they can automate or harmonise all precoding activities and are means to effectively reuse mandate and user stories opposite teams.

Not insignificantly, there’s also a informative divide, a consult shows: tighten to 40% onslaught with a miss of informative willingness by a business and IT.

What’s being finished to residence these issues, and bond Agile and DevOps closer to business results? The consult finds a following efforts underway:

  • Defining improved business-related metrics 61%
  • Modernizing bequest applications 61%
  • Improving mandate clarification 58%
  • Improving Agile government and scaling 54%
  • Continuous contrast 52%
  • Measuring business outcomes 50%

Technologies or approaches that would assistance tie Agile and DevOps closer to business formula embody a following:

  • End-to-end traceability from business beginning and source formula components to exam resources and deployed components 84%
  • Automatic monitoring and stating on a statis of whole DevOps toolchain 82%
  • Automated support for bequest focus modernization 80%
  • Reports and dashboards on a business value delivered by DevOps tube 78%
  • Automation and adaptation of upfront business activities (e.g, reuse, compliance) 76%
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