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Acer Swift 7

Introduction, Design, Features

Horse races and NASCAR battles spasmodic come down to print finishes, where dual contestants cranky a line side by side and it takes a solidify support to see who was first. Usually these practical ties are staid by a matter of inches. But can we suppose bragging rights being dynamic by one-fiftieth of an inch?

Welcome to a foe to make a world’s thinnest laptop. When a HP Spectre 13 came out in Jun 2016, it claimed a pretension during an impossibly spare 0.41 inch. But currently there’s a Acer Swift 7, that has a same footprint as a HP (12.8 by 9 inches) and weighs a same (2.48 contra 2.45 pounds), though stands taller—or rather, shorter—at 0.39 inch. This breaks a 10-millimeter separator (9.98mm contra 10.41mm), and creates a Swift a slimmest cover we can buy.

Acer Swift 7 angle

Even if we don’t lift calipers to magnitude computers, a Acer is not a bad understanding during $1,099 to a HP’s $1,249 (at presstime, Best Buy and Amazon offering a Swift for $1,049). It has an Intel Core i5 processor rather than a Core i7, though matches a Spectre in other essentials, with 8GB of memory, a 256GB solid-state drive, and a 13.3-inch, full HD display. It has dual USB-C ports to a HP’s three, though both tip a Apple MacBook’s count of one. Its keyboard transport is fundamentally shallow, though a typing feel was a pleasing surprise.

To equivocate other surprises, we should tell we some-more about that Core i5 CPU. It’s a seventh-generation part, though tagged with a Y instead of a U—the Core i5-7Y54. In Intel’s alphabet, that signifies an ultra-low-power chip (this one draws usually 4.5 watts)—one that, before Intel altered a nomenclature, would have been called a Core m5. So while we should design sufficient opening for capability apps, we shouldn’t design a 1.2GHz processor to knock it out with “real” Core i5’s or devise on personification a latest games with a Intel HD 615 integrated graphics.

Acer Swift 7 back angle

Lenovo Yoga 900S). Gold accents hang around a front and sides, creation a Swift demeanour like one of Samsung’s slimline notebooks.

Centered underneath a shade is another Acer logo. Centered above it is a run-of-the-mill Webcam that prisoner accurate images though with a lot of pellet or sound in a low-light tests.

Ports are not plentiful. On a laptop’s left dilemma is a hole for a confidence close that looks hardly vast adequate to accommodate a fibre or lanyard for your pivotal fob, not a Kensington cord. On a right you’ll find an audio jack and a dual USB-C ports mentioned above, a rearmost of that accommodates a Swift’s AC adapter. Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi turn out a connectivity choices.

Acer Swift 7 right ports

Compared to Apple’s monoport MacBook, a Acer wins points for withdrawal another USB-C giveaway for your use while recharging a laptop. Compared to a HP Spectre 13, a Swift loses points for not ancillary a Thunderbolt 3 spec, so we can’t block in a latest monitors and expostulate arrays. However, we don’t cruise Thunderbolt 3 a must-have for systems other than workstations, that a Swift decidedly is not.

Compared to both of a rivals, a Acer earns reward points for including dual USB-C adapters or dongles in a box: One lets we block in your existent (USB-A) peep drives or other peripherals, while a other lets we bond a HDMI monitor. This is a courteous and money-saving touch—HP, for instance, charges $45 for a HDMI adapter.

Dell XPS 13’s. There isn’t copiousness pivotal travel, though there’s adequate to give a satisfactory pleasing feel, and a keys are good spaced, with vast Enter, Shift, and Backspace keys. The cursor arrows are in a correct inverted T rather than HP’s true line, though they’re tiny, and group with a Fn pivotal for Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn.

Acer Swift 7 keyboard

One obstacle for night owls is that a keyboard is not backlit. The energy symbol is in a tip right dilemma subsequent to a Delete key, though if we daub it by mistake we won’t remove your work in progress—you contingency press it for a integrate of seconds to activate it.

The Acer’s hold pad is enormously far-reaching (roughly 5.5 by 2.5 inches), giving we copiousness of room for two- and three-finger gestures as good as typical taps and swipes. It requires usually a light pull to furnish a still click.

You can’t daub and appropriate a Swift’s 13.3-inch screen—it’s not a hold screen—but a display, set in averagely far-reaching bezels and lonesome with Corning Gorilla Glass, offers IPS record for extended observation angles. The 1,920×1,080 row arrives with Windows 10’s wizz set to 150 percent, that creates content and icons easy to review or even a small oversized. It’s easily bright, with clear colors and high contrast; excellent sum looked pointy adequate that we didn’t skip aloft resolution.

Acer Swift 7 front

The laptop can beget surprisingly shrill sound, though we won’t suffer it; audio was tinny and twisted during high volume. Dialed down to assuage levels, sound was excusable though drum was blank in action.

Acer backs a Swift with a one-year guaranty and preloads a handful of informed apps such as Netflix and Twitter. From a entire presence, we can usually interpretation that a makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga have photos of a world’s laptop vendors in compromising positions.

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