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A Rosewill ATX box is $31 today

If building a new PC is partial of your New Year’s Resolutions, and we haven’t bought a box yet, Newegg has a good understanding today. Rosewill’s Nautilus 200G ATX mid-tower box is $31, or about 44 percent off a normal price. The understanding is usually good until only before midnight on Thursday dusk Pacific time.

The box offers a pure window on one side for those into LEDs on everything (like RAM, cooling systems, and fans). In fact, a box comes with dual 120mm fans with immature LED lighting. There’s support for adult to 5 fans sum with 3 pre-installed.

For expostulate space, a Nautilus 200G has dual 5.25-inch bays, 3 3.5-inch, and one 2.5-inch. The front ports area offers 4 USB 3.0 ports and one audio in/out. This box can support a CPU cooler that’s adult to 6.69 inches (170mm) tall, and a graphics label can be adult to 14.57 inches (370mm). There are also 7 PCI slots, that should give we adequate room for a multi-GPU setup and any additional PCIe cards we wish to add.

For a volume of room we get, a Nautilus 200G is a good understanding during $31, and it even looks flattering neat if we take advantage of that window.

nautilus200g 2Rosewill
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