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A prolonged gamble on DevOps: an talk with Paddy Power Betfair CTO Paul Cutter

When bookie Betfair assimilated with opposition Paddy Power in 2016 to emanate one of a largest tellurian online gambling businesses, Paul Cutter had already been CTO for dual years. He assimilated Betfair from Sky where was executive of program engineering; before to that, he’d had a same pursuit pretension during AOL. If he has a diversion devise it could be ‘stick with what we know’.

A clever disciple of Agile development, for many years Cutter has been handling program prolongation regulating a methodology that now has a recognized label. 

“I was regulating Agile teams during Sky and those teams were deploying their possess formula to prolongation and ancillary it in production. So that’s a clarification of DevOps before DevOps became a genuine thing,” he said.

Two into one

On nearing during Betfair, Cutter accelerated a existent DevOps setup, introducing programmed contrast and giving developers some-more entrance to production. He is now pulling serve in that direction, though for a final dual years many of his team’s efforts have been diverted into integrating a dual firms’ IT systems together.

Fortunately, a pieces of a jigsaw were a good fit: Paddy Power’s certification is in trade and risk government systems while Betfair was stronger during a front finish – HTML5 and customer-facing apps. So, to a certain border it was a box of bolting a dual together. The dual brands now share a same infrastructure, any with a best pieces of a other.

With a partnership out of a way, Cutter is now means to persevere some-more time to concentration delivery. 

“Now we are many some-more focused on where we go with that height and opportunities for expansion and some of that is around new product development,” he said.

“We are automating everything. We’ve already programmed many of a deployment regulating continual formation collection and we’ve got a possess pipeline, so a large partial of a concentration is on how to optimise that to urge a speed and a coverage of this pipeline.”

In together with a height integration, work has been going to interpret some-more infrastructure to formula on a firm’s OpenStack-based private cloud, that was launched 3 years ago. Some Ops people competence feel shaken about augmenting automation, though Cutter pronounced any such people have already left Paddy Power Betfair and a stream organisation is supportive.

“We have a really intent Ops group who totally buy into this approach of working. Obviously people have opposite skillsets and someone with a networking skillset competence not be adult some of a finer points of development, though they know a advantages of automation and scripting when it comes to configuring infrastructure.”

With developers too, there fundamentally are some who take to DevOps and some who only don’t. Often this is a doubt of personality, Cutter said.

In terms of employing people it’s reduction about education and some-more about mindset

“In terms of employing people, it’s reduction about education and some-more about mindset. To do DevOps we need developers who are meddlesome in how a applications indeed act in prolongation and are meddlesome in a whole deployment design and how program gets deployed since it’s really opposite regulating something in prolongation than regulating it in a exam system.

“What we find is as prolonged as we sinecure people who have a right interests they can collect adult a specific expansion sourroundings since many of these things are built regulating scripting language, regulating open source collection that are informed to a developer who’s been building web applications or things like that.”

Upping a cloud ante

The universe of craving applications is quick relocating cloudwards, a ubiquitous arena being appliances – private cloud – open cloud or hybrid. Paddy Power Betfair is no exception. 

“We still have some bequest that is regulating on a aged local infrastructure and we’re in a routine of relocating that across, though all a new things that we build is on a private cloud and increasingly we looking during open cloud too,” Cutter explained.

To boost coherence of deployment, a organisation will also be looking to mangle adult a applications serve into containerised microservices.

“We’re are looking utterly severely during containers. We don’t use serverless extensively though we are exploring that too,” Cutter said.

Currently, information and analytics are hosted on AWS while a association maintains a hundreds of applications on a private cloud widespread opposite dual information centres. The private cloud, put in place 3 years ago,  has enabled Cutter’s group to take some-more control over a prolongation tube by permitting a pattern of infrastructure as formula and creation it easier to denote a information confidence certification to a regulators.

“To be honest we are equally severe about how we conduct information in both private and open clouds. We do have patron information in a open cloud though a tip priority is to make certain it’s cumulative and encrypted. So while we request a same standards in a open and private clouds, from a regulatory indicate of perspective private has advantages.”

Paddy Power Betfair is looking during chatbots to palliate a weight on a patron hit team. AI is also used customarily for rascal showing nonetheless it hasn’t done it into any of a firm’s products as yet.

Cutter is heedful about designed new facilities (“it’s a really rival industry”) though says that his concentration is on “improving a peculiarity of a products and a speed of a products”.

Recent years have seen a good understanding of converging in the betting industry, with competitors fasten army to grasp a compulsory strech and tellurian scale. Paddy Power Betfair will be anticipating a play on technology pays off.  

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