Friday , 23 March 2018
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A story of video diversion console failures

The story of console gaming is dirty with high-profile flops, intermediate also-rans and vaporware never-weres. In fact, a stories of console failures are maybe even some-more constrained than a tales of those companies that crossed a finish line. Thankfully, for each Nintendo Switch, there are large Virtual Boys.

So what, precisely, constitutes a console failure? Is a product unequivocally a wave if it brought users hours of joy? It’s critical to note that “failure” is a relations concept. Both a Nintendo Wii U and a Gizmondo done a list, though one sole 13 million units and a other 24,000 and concerned a Swedish mafia.

So join us as we applaud some of a many colorful and fascinating console failures of a final 3 decades.


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