Saturday , 24 March 2018
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A Chromebook can boost a insurance of air-gapped computers

I used to consider a best approach to strengthen a mechanism hosting supportive information was by not joining it to any network, a routine famous as atmosphere gapping. Ah, a good aged days.

WikiLeaks recently revealed that when a mechanism with a supportive information is regulating Windows, even atmosphere gapped insurance is insufficient. The CIA, regulating a program complement codenamed Brutal Kangaroo, initial infects a Windows mechanism connected to a internet, afterwards infects any USB peep expostulate (a.k.a. ride drive) plugged into that mechanism in a wish that a peep expostulate will eventually be plugged into a air-gap stable machines.

This got lots of coverage, of course, (see here and here and here and here) though zero of those articles addressed Defensive Computing. 

The many apparent defensive tactic is to avoid regulating Windows, though during this point, that goes but saying. There is, however, another defensive tactic that can strengthen air-gapped Windows computers from putrescent ride drives.

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