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8×8 wants to break down silos with Virtual Office tools

8×8 has rolled out new editions of its Virtual Office software to the US and UK markets, designed for unified communications and collaboration (telephony and web conferencing), as well as contact centre capabilities with an analytics platform.

Three new versions are on offer: X2, X5 (US only) and X8. Each features a mix-and-match pricing model and similar tools (voice, video, SMS, chat, etc), with different degrees of calling zones and additional features.

Traditional siloed communications “slows productivity, hampers collaboration and impacts customer satisfaction,” said 8×8 CEO Vik Verma. “…8×8 unifies these disparate systems on a single cloud communications platform, ensuring companies can easily communicate, collaborate and engage with employees and customers.”

Virtual Office X2 has a calling zone of up to 14 countries and has integrations with enterprise software including NetSuite CRM, Salesforce and Zendesk. X5 extends that to 32 countries  and adds Salesforce analytics and call recording.

The X8 edition is the most fully-featured. As well as the above it expands the calling zones to 45 countries and adds call quality reporting; barge monitor whisper capabilities; and contact center capabilities with 8×8 ContactNow. The company describes it as a ‘truly unified’ solution that is designed to break down silos between business departments.

Speaking about the X8 edition Christopher Barker, a financial advisor and partner at 8×8 customer Colorado Wealth Group, said that the software “gives us the flexibility to truly unify communications with client engagement, allowing employees to stay connected whether they are in the office or working remote.”

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