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8 ways Apple could urge Continuity on Mac and iOS

Apple’s Continuity apartment of iOS/Mac formation tools assistance fuzz a line between a company’s mobile platforms and a Mac — we use them a lot. There’s always room for improvement, though. Here are 8 underline requests to make Continuity even better.

Smarter Handoff

When we are operative in a concordant application, Apple’s Handoff underline means we can start operative on a request on your iPhone and afterwards continue to work on it on one of your other circuitously Apple devices: Just daub a idol to open a same object on a other device.

That’s useful, though wouldn’t it be even some-more useful if a cursor position was also enclosed in a sync? Right now, when we open a duplicate request we need to navigate to your prior cursor position. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could usually get operative right away?

A Clipboard manager

I mostly use a underline that lets we duplicate something on one device and pulp it regulating another, though a existence highlights one of a biggest blank facilities on a Mac: Clipboard binds usually one object during a time. Isn’t it approach past time Apple addressed this? If iCloud can support duplicate pulp between devices, afterwards it can positively support mixed equipment inside a clipboard. Both Mac and iOS platforms would advantage from a some-more worldly Clipboard manager, enabling frequently used text, images, or mixed duplicate pulp equipment to be simply accessible opposite both platforms.

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