Tuesday , 25 September 2018
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8 ways Apple could improve Continuity on Mac and iOS

Apple’s Continuity suite of iOS/Mac integration tools help blur the line between the company’s mobile platforms and the Mac — I use them a lot. There’s always room for improvement, though. Here are eight feature requests to make Continuity even better.

Smarter Handoff

When you are working in a compatible application, Apple’s Handoff feature means you can begin working on a document on your iPhone and then continue to work on it on one of your other nearby Apple devices: Just tap the icon to open the same item on the other device.

That’s useful, but wouldn’t it be even more useful if the cursor position was also included in the sync? Right now, when you open the copy document you need to navigate to your previous cursor position. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just get working right away?

A Clipboard manager

I often use the feature that lets you copy something on one device and paste it using another, but its existence highlights one of the biggest missing features on the Mac: Clipboard holds only one item at a time. Isn’t it way past time Apple addressed this? If iCloud can support copy paste between devices, then it can surely support multiple items inside the clipboard. Both Mac and iOS platforms would benefit from a more sophisticated Clipboard manager, enabling regularly used text, images, or multiple copy paste items to be easily available across both platforms.

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