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7 mistakes Google done updating my Google Wifi router

Many of a new filigree router systems self-update their firmware (router handling system). While this is a large step brazen from a bad aged days, where a charge fell to a router owner, it’s usually a initial step.

On my Router Security site, we go into a disproportion between self-updating firmware finished right and finished wrong. With that in mind, here is what went wrong when my Google Wifi router updated a firmware. 


My initial dispute is that a program refurbish was a surprise. There was no warning forward of time, possibly that an refurbish was available, or that it was about to be installed. In contrast, a Eero app tells we that a firmware refurbish is accessible good before a refurbish is automatically installed. The shade shot next shows a Google iOS app informing me after a fact that it had updated a router program (the shade shot was taken May 6th).

google wifi notificationMichael Horowitz/IDG

Google Wifi iOS app presentation of firmware update

This is done worse by a fact that we categorically asked to be notified. The shade shot below, of a Google Wifi iOS app, (version 2.2.8) shows that we had opted in to all their email notices. we should be told about updates, new facilities and product announcements. Yet, when pull came to shove, no email.

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