Wednesday , 15 August 2018
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6 tips for faster Apple iPhone charging

Apple will allegedly introduce a fast-charging system inside the box with every iPhone sold later this year. While we wait for this magical moment in iPhone history, I’ve put together six tips for faster charging using the technology you have.

What’s the rumor about iPhone charging?

Images purported to show a prototype of the new charging device began circulating this week. The illustrations (above) show the European version of the more powerful charging wall charger, which (it is alleged) delivers 18-Watts of power and hosts its own USB-C socket.

At present, iPhones ship with a relatively feeble 5-Watt brick, even though the most recent crop of iPhones can support Fast Charging using a USB-C Lightning cable and higher watt charger.

Fast Charging lets your device grab up to 50 percent charge in just three minutes, but it requires customers purchase a USB-C to Lightning cable and a new 29W, 61W, or 87W adapter. We’ll find out more about Apple’s plans for a faster charger with every iPhone later this year, I guess. Meanwhile we have these tips:

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