Tuesday , 19 June 2018
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6 huge things owned by Larry Ellison

LARRY ELLISON, founder of Oracle and real-life Tony Stark figure, is better than you. He’s made more money in the time you’ve read this sentence than you’ll make in your entire life.

To prove how much better than you he is, Ellison likes to buy things. Here are the six biggest and most impressive things he owns to help you properly respect his superiority.

1. Lanai, the sixth-largest Hawaiian island


You might, by now, have almost scraped together enough for a mortgage on a one-bed flat in Zone 4.

Well, Ellison owns 98 per cent of this 140.5 square mile tropical paradise, as well as a third of all the property on it.

He wants to make it “the first economically viable, 100 per cent green community”, whereas you just want to eke out a living and maybe one day buy a cat.

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