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4K HDR cinema are popping adult on iTunes – is this a pointer of a 4K Apple TV?

The terms 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) typically don’t go hand-in-hand with Apple. Sure, Apple has a 5K Retina Display iMac though even a really possess streaming video actor – a 2015 Apple TV – opted to stay with unchanging ol’ HD. 

But that competence be changing in a nearby future.

An sagacious MacRumors reader vital in a UK speckled a 4K HDR inventory for a recently purchased film on iTunes – that is a small bizarre since iTunes doesn’t support films in Ultra-HD. 

Upon serve investigation, MacRumors found several films in a new standard, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Passengers.  

Despite all these films arrangement adult in users’ squeeze histories as 4K HDR content, however, no one was authorised to watch anything in a higher-resolution format. To make things some-more confusing, readers vital in a US reported that they didn’t have a 4K choice during all. 

Sound a small suspicious? Yeah, we consider so too. 

Apple TV 4K for 2017?

The many judicious end to pull here is that Apple is prepping a video library for an phenomenon of a new Apple TV that supports 4K HDR, as purchases lift over from iTunes to Apple TV. We’ve listened rumors of a legendary pennon over a final dual years, though it’s been comparatively still for a final dual months. 

The final announcement to hear tell of a Apple TV 4K (our name, not theirs) was Bloomberg’s tech team, who reported that a player, codenamed “J105” internally, would arrangement some-more clear colors, suggesting HDR support. 

That player, they said, could be out as early as after this year. 

If Apple isn’t prepared to launch a new streaming video device, another possibly probability is that it’s loading adult a video store for an liquid of new Macbook Pro or iMac users, many of whom competence be upgrading to 4K HDR laptops and desktops in a entrance months and years. 

Either is probable during this point, though we’re disposition some-more towards a bigger play from Apple in a 4K streaming video box space.

Apple has nonetheless to criticism on a situation, though we’ll positively be following a conditions closely and will refurbish this story as shortly as we get a reason. 

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