Saturday , 18 August 2018
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3 top reasons people dump Android for iPhone

As it stands the market battle between Android and iPhone seems set to continue forever, but you can’t ignore that the majority of users who do switch are abandoning Google for Apple. What follows are three of the biggest reasons for doing so identified by Creative Strategies as Apple’s iPhone sales threaten to spike.

Reason #1: Security

I think most people are growing more aware of the need to maintain device security and to keep a fairly steady eye on data security.  Apple seems to agree – notice how its Android attack line videos (two included below for reference) are focused around similar reasons?

Security awareness

That’s not always been the case, but thousands of malware attacks and high-profile data breaches such as those form Yahoo and others mean that even smartphone users who aren’t particularly tech savvy have become more aware.

Such awareness wasn’t quite as important at the dawn of the smartphone age earlier this Century. In part, this was because those devices – while revolutionary at their time – simply didn’t do as much or carry as much information.

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