Thursday , 19 July 2018
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15 video conferencing products that are enterprise-ready

For many years, ubiquitous video conferencing was a technology firmly in the realm of science fiction — a video-phone almost defined “futuristic.” Later, such devices became technologically feasible, but only for those with dedicated high-bandwidth connections and expensive, specialized hardware. Over the last decade, however, on-demand video conferencing has increasingly become just a basic, normal expectation for almost anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone. The magical has become a commodity. Now the only question is, Which video conferencing offering to use?

The good news is that there are so many products to choose from. The bad news is that there are so many products to choose from. The overview that follows is not exhaustive, since the market is quickly evolving, with some well-established players, an ever-changing list of challengers, and also some industry-specific products — but this list should give you a jump-start in your search.

Especially for larger enterprises, video conferencing implementation needs to be part of the broader picture, involving both IT and communications strategic plans. Fundamental issues such as intended use cases (general communication, team collaboration, marketing, live streaming/presentations/lectures, tutorials, real-time product and technical support), as well as security, technology and communication standards, branding and organizational policies for use all need to be clearly and carefully thought out.

But the simple fact is that workers at all levels, as well as customers and vendors, have come to use and expect video conferencing. So if you don’t make it happen, it’s certain that your employees or team members will.

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