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12 ways you’ll use Apple’s ARKit in your enterprise

Enterprises pondering a push into augmented and virtual reality will need to embrace Apple’s ARKit, if only to access the hundreds of millions of already deployed devices capable of accessing these next-generation experiences. Of course, many see AR and VR as niche products only suitable for gaming, but these technologies have so much more potential. Here are 12 ways you might use ARKit in your enterprise.

Virtual stores

IKEA’s recent news that it will be an Apple flagship ARKit partner means you’ll be able to use your iPhone and an IKEA app to place items from its catalog around your home. The Swedish furniture manufacturer isn’t the only one looking to introduce solutions like these. Converse, Gap, Adidas, Lowes and others are developing ways to use AR and VR tech to try, explore and choose items from their stores. It’s not at all pushing the envelope to imagine Apple’s retail stores also providing some form of VR presence. In real estate, you can also anticipate immersive VR tours of potential homes – you’ll even be able to place your own furniture in them to see what works where. Why would you visit an out-of-town mall when you can get to see the products virtually from where you already are? (This may also foster even more rapid decline in retail real estate revenues).

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Remote product support

Want to know how to use your new washing machine? Simple – just point your iPhone at the device, ask Siri a question and you’ll be rewarded with a virtual guide to the controls. Want to get in-depth troubleshooting advice? Contact the manufacturer and while speaking with support you can show them your device which they can then help you adjust remotely. This means that if they do need to show up to repair the device they will already know exactly what needs to be done. Next stop? A virtual Genius advice bar. Why not?

Remote facilities management

Sometimes it really helps to take a look at the situation you’re walking into if you’re an industrial mechanic. A company called Space-Time Insight already develops VR solutions for energy utilities technicians use to diagnose problems before they visit to make repairs. This lets them get to grips with layout, identify potential ambient problems (such as flooding) and ensure they turn up with appropriate equipment. These solutions become even more powerful when used to manage intelligent machines, which may even be able to identify and explain their fault and deliver accurate diagnostic and testing data in real-time. Autonomous, self-healing infrastructure and smart factory machinery is becoming a reality.

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