Saturday , 21 July 2018
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10 more OS X El Capitan tips Mac users will use

Computerworld has published a collection of just a few of my OS X tips packed inside a short guide you can download right here. I thought I’d let people know about the guide by offering six more useful OS X tips.


If you don’t already use Command-Space to launch a Spotlight search, you should – it’s the best way to find contacts, applications, documents or anything you can use Spotlight to get for you. Read more great Spotlight tips, such as the one that when you enter an incorrect search term you can instantly erase it by typing Cmd+Backspace, here. And don’t forget to use Command-Shift-A to quickly open your Applications folder.

Bigger Dock icons

Perhaps you’d like to make the icons in your Dock much larger than you can by default?

In Terminal type:

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