Monday , 24 September 2018
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10 annoying things about Android P (that’ll hopefully be fixed soon)

All right, gang: The honeymoon’s officially over. We’ve oohed. We’ve ahhed. We’ve talked about Android P’s most noteworthy productivity features. Now it’s time to step back, get real, and talk about some of the software’s less impressive elements — because the truth is, for all of its positives, Android P has an awful lot of, well, awful stuff.

Now, let’s be clear: Perspective here is critical. This is only the first public beta of the Android P release, so these sorts of rough edges are absolutely to be expected. We’ll hold onto hope that Google will iron out the kinks and get all these details fixed up and figured out by the time the final Android P software rolls around later this summer. Otherwise, we might find ourselves feeling a bit of Lollipop déjà vu.

After living with the first Android P beta for almost a week now, these are some of the areas I’m hoping Google will address — ranging from the super-significant to the seemingly minor details.

1. The new gesture navigation system

Okay, okay: This is one we actually talked about even before the honeymoon had come to a close. But Android P’s new gesture nav system really does need some serious fine-tuning if it’s gonna do anything other than drive most people batty.

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