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​Samsung posts record Q3 increase driven by chips

Samsung has reported an handling distinction of 14.53 trillion won and revenues of 62.05 trillion won for Q3 2017, both a top ever for a quarter.

Operating distinction is triple that of final year’s and somewhat aloft than this year’s second quarter, a prior record.

Recovered smartphone sales and high profitability of memory chips were a categorical contributors, a association said.

The tech giant’s memory business contributed 9.96 trillion won, two-thirds of a handling profit. Samsung credited clever NAND sales from flagship phones and enlargement in a cloud for DRAM. Strong direct is approaching to continue going brazen subsequent year.

Logic chips got a boost from picture sensors, in high direct in China.

Samsung’s mobile business saw 3.29 trillion won in handling boost thanks to plain sales of a Galaxy Note 8 — a decrease from a prior entertain though an measureless boost from final year’s 100 billion won due to a Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Going forward, it will boost is synthetic comprehension (AI) and module cunning to compute from rivals, it said.

Its OLED business — that reserve small-sized displays for smartphones for itself, Apple, and Google — saw a boost in sales from flagship phone launches, though boost somewhat declined due to a ramp-up cost for new prolongation lines. The multiplication combined 0.97 trillion won in handling profits.

Samsung expects aloft margins subsequent year as OLED will be a categorical trend in mobile displays.

In consumer wiring a tech hulk saw an handling distinction of 0.44 trillion won. Sales increasing though distinction forsaken from final year due to an boost in arrangement row costs in TVs. However, it pronounced a QLED TV has gained 40 percent marketplace share in TVs incomparable than 60 inches.

Next year’s World Cup and Winter Games will boost TV sales subsequent year, a association said.

Samsung also announced a fourth and final proviso of a share repurchase program. It will repurchase and cancel 712,000 common shares and 178,000 elite shares. Previously, it has repurchased and cancelled 2.59 million common shares and 648,000 elite shares this year in 3 phases. Dividends for a third entertain will be 7,000 won per share.

The association also announced a shareholders lapse module for 2018 to 2020. Dividends will boost 100 percent from this year, and will be kept during a same turn adult to 2020.

Samsung expects a sum of 29 trillion won in earnings for a subsequent 3 years from a program.


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