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​Purism Linux smartphone creates the $1.5 million crowdfunding goal

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Hundreds of millions are happy with Android smartphones and iPhones. But there are some users who wish a limit probable control over their smartphones. For those people, Purism now has a appropriation it needs for a free-software smartphone but a snippet of exclusive formula or firmware: The Purism Librem 5 smartphone.

At first, it seemed Purism wouldn’t make a $1.5-million goal. The Librem 5 crowdfunding campaign staggered brazen during first. Them, when KDE and afterwards GNOME threw their support behind a project, a plan picked adult steam.

“Having a free/libre and open-source program smoke-stack on a mobile device is a dream-come-true for so many people, and Purism has a proven group to make this happen. We are really gratified to see Purism and a Librem 5 hardware be built to support GNOME,” pronounced Neil McGovern, a GNOME’s Foundation’s executive director.

Besides giving we a choice of GNOME or KDE for a interface, a Purism Librem 5 smartphone will use Purism’s PureOS. This is a Debian Linux-based handling system. The association promises we can also use other Linux distributions.


This new smartphone isn’t only for open-source fans. It’s also designed to strengthen your remoteness and security. For example, it embody hardware kill switches for for a camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G. With a Librem 5, when we don’t wish to be connected, we won’t be connected.

In addition, Purism states a phone will have end-to-end encrypted communication. The phone will do this by regulating Matrix. This is an open customary for interoperable, decentralized, real-time communication for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and present messaging (IM).

If all goes well, a initial developer kits should boat in Jun 2018. Then, a association expects a initial phones to boat to business in Jan 2019.

Crowdfunding campaigns, generally for hardware projects, don’t have a good lane record. On a other hand, Purism has successfully delivered crowdsourced Linux laptops. It also incited a crowdsourced Linux laptops into blurb successes.

With some tough work, we design to see pristine Linux-based smartphones from Purism in early 2019, or even earlier.

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