Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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​IBM adds Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU to the cloud

IBM pronounced it will offer a latest Nvidia GPU, a Tesla P100, in a IBM Cloud as it aims to squeeze synthetic intelligence, appurtenance learning, and high opening computing workloads.

Big Blue pronounced it is among a initial to offer Nvidia’s latest processors. The dual companies are pivotal partners on mixed fronts given 2014.

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Nvidia is increasingly apropos a information core actor as graphics processors take a bigger purpose in analytics workloads. IBM, Nvidia, Google and a brood of others are partners in a OpenPower group, that aims to offer as a counterweight to Intel.

IBM Cloud business can supply Bluemix unclothed steel servers with dual Nvidia Tesla P100 accelerator cards. The Tesla P100 has 50 times a opening of a Tesla K80.

The Tesla P100 will be accessible on IBM Cloud in May.

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